All Swiss Electronics. Including a Track from the ‚Brand New‘ ‚Coming Soon‘ Hula Honeys 7″.

00:00_nicholas schärer_170504:1000-1100_from lp 1:60_no label
00:58_zor-el & alura_mmm büütel_from lp mgrs rmxs_no label
03:20_intricate_deliberate on_from ep in conclusion_spezialmaterial
08:24_feldermelder_knobb hoff_from single dope crackers_hula honeys
12:03_steinbrüchel_1461-1701_from single 00sieben/contact8_synchron
13:40_göldin & bit-tuner_key to the universe (la clé remix by la bombe)_from lp fantasy is dubbed_quiet
17:27_strotter inst._untitled_from single anna_implied sound
19:57_papiro_rev (part I)_from lp rev_a tree in a field

30’50“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

Play (’save target‘ for download)

Mixed by Soult

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