April Mix 2017

Cover April Mix 2017

Fairytales, myths, miracles and wonder. That’s what this mix is about. Heroes, moon-ghosts and magic partys. There is a mystical story told in this mix not only by words but also by sound. And finaly the knight with four hands leads to a happy end. Off we go!

00:00_papiro_eroi di profilo_from lp avventura iontane_some fine legacy / a tree in a field
02:08_daniel schmidt and the berkeley gamelan_ghosts_from lpin my arms, many flowers_recital seventeen
10:00_die welttraumforscher_mondgespenst_from lp ein sommer in der wirklichkeit_das moniflabel
12:55_roedelius_fabelwein_from lp selfportrait_bureau b
17:40_orphan fairytailes_“hummingbird city“ nectar stop_from lp my favourite fairytale_aguirre
23:16_mpala garoo_magic fiesta_from lp ou du monde_aguirre
27:28_tomaga_the knight with four hands_hands in the dark / negative days / blank editions
28:17_arthur russel_happy ending_from lp world of echo_audika

30’31“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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