Disturbing vision of cosmic diffusion. Let’s spray the noise all over.

00:00_fennesz, o’rourke, rehberg_we will diffuse you_from lp the return of fenno’berg_mego
05:15_keith fullerton whitman_occlusion_from split lp eli keszler/keith fullerton whitman_nna tapes
07:45_marcus maeder_produktion_from lp solipsistic motion_domizil
09:45_v4w.enko & d’incise_a.pic.urb.n_from lp am.p.e.rem.ec_everest
13:00_sculpture_autonomous tantalum multiplier_from lp rotary signal emitter_dekorder
14:35_she satellites_black cyclone_from lp poison lips_geist
17:27_hans joachim irmler_terpido_from lp life like_staubgold
20:13_mind over mirrors_mountain convalescence_from lp high and upon_aguirre
28:58_donald suck_interjupe_from lp inner self globophobic clown tester (part.1)_wildrfid

30’28“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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