Listen to the world. Recordings of insects, birds, machines, peoples. Field recordings take you to a place, makes you feel it and maybe even think about it. Dave Phillips who makes field recordings since 1994 asks the question „what if there where no insects anymore?“. Adrian Rew recorded American casinos and showes the perfectly made vortex of sound that the slot machnines create, for maximum profits. Mika Taanila recorded shopping centers in Helsinki in search of the muzak, elevator- or background-music. So quite a trip through Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Japan, Burma and Finnland.

00:00_dave philips_insect_from lp insect_Πτώματα Κάτω Από Το Κρεββάτι
08:25_unknown_gamelan heard from a rice paddy, ubud, bali_from lp a distant invitation_sublime frequencies
13:05_adrien rew_slot achine music_from lp slot machine music_hanson
22:25_bit-tuner_tjs_1.1_from lp the japan syndrome_berenice/hula honeys
25:30_tucker martine_morning fanfare_from lp broken hearted dragonflies_sublime frequencies
27:33_mika taanila_standing by the elevators_from lp stimulus progression_apparent extent

30’51“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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