Cover Juli Mix 2018

This 30 minutes mix only contains two tracks. But both tracks are music, fieldrecordings, trips and movies together. Carlos Casas is a filmmaker, visual- and sound-artist. His recent record Pyramid Of Skulls is a cinematic audiotrip inspired by the common task (Fedorov) and uses fieldrecordings from the people of Pamir in Tajikistan. Sound artist Gilles Aubry takes us to Maroc on a journey through soundchecks and rehearsals of Amazigh music. Both tracks need to be played in full length (though the second track is only one half / one side of the record) to explore the story.

00:00_carlos casas_avesta__from lp pyramid of skulls_discrepant
13:50_gilles aubry_and who sees the mystery_from lp and who sees the mystery _corvo

30’06“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik

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