Juni Mix 2014

the 30 minutes long track by natural snow buildings from their 3 hours long album is putting a heavy carpet over ritual, traditional tribals. the repetetiv singing is swimming in the fog of the guitar drones. kind of a world music apocalypse.

00:00_natural snow buildings_brooms, trapdoors, keyholes (part one) _from lp night coercion into company of witches_ba da bing!
01:48_polyphonies mongo_choers de femmes ekonda_from lp batwa ekonda_ocora
07:40_barney wilen with caroline de bendern_barka de sala_from lp moshi too_sonorama
10:24_prince zulamkah_ligiligi_from lp living is hard, west african music in britain, 1927-1929_honest jon’s
14:38_akamba tribe_akamba youth song_from lp tribal music from east africa_cms
18:48_kink gong_baozoo khen_from lp voices_discrepant
24:04_natural snow building_brooms, trapdoors, keyholes (part two)
27:45_said el kurdi_kassem miro_from lp give me love, songs of the brokenhearted – baghdad, 1925-1929, honest jon’s

29’54“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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