First there are traditional gongs recorded in Indonesia, then Laos, Philippines and Ghana. The American composer Charlemagne Palestine recorded church bells (that he played every day in these days) around 1965. Paris based Tomoko Sauvage plays some water-filled porcelain bowls recorded with underwater microphones. And at the end Lucky Dragons trash it out with some clipped gongs.

00:00_slonding_usama samba festival, tengganan, bali, indonesia_from lp a distant invitation_sublime frequencies
03:18_kink gong_kanying brao_from lp gongs of cambodia & laos_tiger gong
08:16_kulintang_badjao or yakan gong_from lp music from the mountain provinces_numerophon
12:35_mustapha tettey addy_gongs ga_from lp les percussions de ghana_arion
18:00_charlemagne palestine_bells studies_from lp bells studies_alga marhen
22:12_tomoko sauvage_amniotic life (2)_from lp ombrophilia_aposiopèse
29:40_lucky dragons_clipped gongs_from lp dream island laughing language_marriage

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Mixed by Soult

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