Cover Juni Mix 2017

This one goes out to Jan Jelinek, Berlin based Macro-Jazz eperimentalist since 20 years. He often use micro-clicks and samples from Jazz records embedded in warm electronics. He releases music under various names, started with Farben in 1998, wich was more on the Techno side than the other projects. There are also G.E.S. or Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation des Samples (society for the emancipation of the samples) and The Exposures. Together with Andrew Pekler and Hanno Leichtmann (Static) he plays in the experimental Krautrockband Groupshow. And then the mix ends with Ursula Bogner. Maybe a pharmacist / mother, who started recording her synthesizer music at home in the late 60s but never released something. Maybe one more pseudonym of Jan Jelinek. But anyway, Recordings 1969-1988 from Ursula Bogner was the first release on Jelineks own label Faitiche, wich he started in 2008 and on wich he now re-released his fantastic LP Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records wich was originally released 2001 on ~scape.

00:00_the exposures_collage of digital passion_from lp lost recordings 2000-2004_eastern developments
02:55_masayoshi fujita & jan jelinek_vague, yet_from lp schaum_faitiche
05:40_jan jelinek_do dekor_from lp loop-finding-jazz-records_~scape
10:50_farben_bayreuth_from ep raw marco_klang elektronik
15:00_g.e.s._helmut schmidt plays bach_from ep temple_faitiche
20:00_groupshow_pet hair magnet_from ep live at skymall_staubgold
26:59_ursula bogner_shephard monde_from lp sonne = blackbox_faitiche

29’46“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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