Cover Maerz 2016 Mix

„Wasser ist der grösste Möglichkeitenstoff der Erde“, say Die Welttraumforscher, wich means kind of „Water is the biggest possibility-material on earth“. It is fluid history. It vaporises, raining down, just laying around or floating, streaming, splashing. It’s not only indispensable for every life on earth, but also sounds nice. Francisco Lopez who starts and ends this mix with environmental recordings from the Chafarinas Islands off the coast of Morocco above and under water. Tomoko Sauvage plays water filled bowls, Jean Guerin is using a trumpet in the water. „Hinter den sieben Wellen bewohnen wir die Zeit“ (Die Welttraumforscher).
We all know, two-thirds of all peoples suffer from water shortage. Meanwhile politicians and economists try to own and sell water. Let’s just think a about it for a moment and let it float…

00:00_francisco lopez_abovewater_from lp untitled#300_taiga
04:48:tomoko sauvage_raindrop exercise (1)_from lp ombrophilia_aposiopèse
09:50_robert aiki aubrey lowe & ariel kalma_magick creek_from lp we know each other somehow_rvng intl.
17:00_jean guerin_reflexion 2 et 1_from lp tacet_soufflecontinu/futura
20:00_lieven martens moana_the cloud_from lp music from the guardhouse_kraak
24:42_welttraumforscher_das ist die werkstatt wasserstadt_from lp werkstatt wasserstadt_das moniflabel
26:18_francisco lopez_underwater_from lp untitled#300_taiga

30’31“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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