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All this music was re-released on vinyl in recent years. All music (except the Mind Over Mirrors track, wich was originally released on Gift Tapes in 2011) was recorded in the 80’s and released on cassette, though the Gagarin Kombinaatti album (recorded on cassette between 1983 and 1985) was never released. But now, more than 30 years later the album from Janne Koski, Tapio Onnela, Wici Wikström and Mika Vainio was released on double-vinyl by finnish label PUU. The Welttraumforscher Album Die Singende Sternlaterne was released in small number on it’s own Moniflabel, wich released selfmade cassettes since the early 80’s. The Muslimgauze track was originally released on the cassette compilation The Last Supper in 1984. The Breadwoman Album was released 1985, the Charles Cohen Album in ’88, the K. Leimer track in ’79.
Thanks Fred for the shiny idea for this mix and for borrowing the record and for selling all these great records!

00:00_k. leimer feat. nancy estle_porcelain_from lp a period of review_rvng intl.
02:03_welttraumforscher_fliegeleicht_from lp die singende sternlaterne_planam/a tree in a field
05:14_muslimgauze_trans/time_from lp kabul_vinyl on demand
08:18_gagarin kominaatti_polvella_from lp 83-85_puu
11:07_charles cohen_duo’s/solo’s_from lp music for dance and theater_morphine
19:38_mind over mirrors_harmattan morning_from lp high & upon_aguirre
27:04_anna homler and steve moshier_gu she‘ na‘ di_from lp breadwoman and other tales_rvng intl.

32’02“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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