Electronica and IDM rising up from basements to heavens. Autumn music.

00:00_uské orchestra_giraffe colored crayon (lulla-mix by lullatone)_from lp moli herzog [remixes]_monkey tool
03:59_actress_caves of paradise_from lp r.i.p._honest jon’s
06:30_octagon man_axiomatic_from lp ito calculus_dc
09:25_console_trainset_from lp panorama_payola
13:02_hepp_platterton_from ep platterton ep_hula honeys
17:13_rotkeller_tunnel_from lp lofbo.b_luana
19:12_glen porter_the piper is a madman_from ep the devil is a dancer, the piper is a madman_content(l)abel/time traveling giraffe/mism/ooohh! thats heavy
22:21_hp.stonji_filbert (630 rmx)_from ep mélaina cholé – remixes_phantom noise
25:15_nicolas jaar_don’t break my love_from single don’t break my love_clown & sunset

30’39“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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