Thats electronic sparks, flickering in brains. Retro kind of feelings. Electronica.


00:00_vert_blindsight_from lp nine types of ambiguity_sonig
04:17_push button objects_non-existant_from ep unautorized_chocolate industries
09:01_benfay_concrete complaisance_from lp replay life_everest
13:00_arovane_cry osaka cry_from lp lilies_city centre offices
14:44_lawrence english_one thousand miles of white_from single incongrous harmonies_touch
17:20_metamatics_rapala sahd_from lp from death to passwords where you’re a paper aeroplane_hydrogene dukebox
20:35_bundok_ulyst_from lp cusp_spezialmaterial
23:40_richard devine_untitled_from lp ischematic folks_schematic
26:45_brothomstates_viimo_from lp claro_warp

31’01“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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  1. First!

  2. 2nd! ich sag ja: next level dj! well done.

  3. you made my day, baby

  4. danke ! der geht mit nach südfrankreich

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