Soultmonth 100

Soultmonth 100 Flyer

After more than 8 years we are ready for Soultmonth number 100. At 1st of april the 100th collage from Lukas Zimmermann and the 100th mix from Soult will be published here. At 31st March we will celebrate this at Oor Saloon Zürich. Soultmonth mix number 100 will be recorded there live and 9 other DJs will also play 30minutes mixes. There will be an exhebition with all the 100 original collages, a special drink, cakes and of course a lot of good music. Come by! From 12.00-17.00.

Fred Hystère
Herr Wempe
Jordi Fresco
Letter To Yawn


März Mix 2018

Cover März Mix 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… There are many good reasons to cry out loud. Here we have some. Suicide’s Alan Vega screams about desperate Frankie, who ends his and his family’s life. Abbey Lincoln gets loud in the second part of Max Roach’s Triptych (Prayer / Protest / Peace). And at the end, the best screamer of all times „Screamin‘ Jay Hawkins“ shout out his spell.

00:00_suicide_frankie teardrop_from lp suicide_superior viaduct
06:25_senyawa_sisa_from lp agaraki_!angrr!
08:20_matana roberts_i am_from lp coin coin chapter one_constellation
13:08_max roack_triptych_from lp we insist!_cornbread
20:56_art ensemble of chicago_old time religion_from lp message to our folks_byg
28:10_screamin‘ jay hawkins_i put a spell on you_from single stranger than paradise_crammed discs

30’37“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Februar Mix 2018

All the tracks are by Japanese born musicians in the fields of electronic and electroacoustic music. But actually only the three women from Nisennenmondai still live in Japan. All the others moved to Europe. Berlin, Paris and London.

00:00_tomoko sauvage_amniotic life (1)_from lp ombrophilia_aposiopèse
02:27_nisennenmondai_#6_from single #6_on-u sound
08:58_group a_suffocated_from lp 70 + a =_mecanica
13:54_rie nakajima_08’02″_from lp four forms_consumer waste
16:55_iku sakan_irradiation loops_from lp prism in us all_japan blues
27:45_kyoka_romoone_from ep ish_raster-noton

30’15“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Fanzine 2017

Fanzine 2017

Wow, time is passing, years are flying by. Soultmonth is 8 years old now, that means the 8th fanzine with all the 12 collages from Marsplastik is ready. Okay, to be honest, it’s finished since a while now. We had a very nice vernissage at Material bookstore in Zurich with an exhibition of all 96 original collages. It was great to see all at once.

Fanzine Exhibition 2017

So, you can order the 2017 zine (as usual in colourful A5 format) for chf 7.00 (incl postage to switzerland). There are also some of the older ones, just ask. And big thanks for spending your time here!

mail: soult*at*mk2.ch


Cover Januar Mix 2018

Toutes ces chansons, oh pardon, all these tracks are written and performed by frech dames. All tracks are recent productions from the last 2 years, except the two duets at the end by Brigitte Fontaine and Julie Dassin, originaly released in 1972.

00:00_eye_there is_from lp sabine_knekelhuis
04:44_chicaloyoh_combien de rats_from lp porte dévergondée_213 / et mon cul c’est du tofu?
10:30_cheval scintillantes_voyager_from cassette sciences et voyages_zamzam
18:07_felicia atkinson_i’m following you_hand in hand_shelter press
21:26_bérangère maximin_oop (our own planet)_from lp dangerous orbits_crammed discs
28:44_brigitte fontaine_pour le patron / vingt secondes_from lp brigitte fountaine_superior viaduct

30’32“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Dezember Mix 2017

Did you know that the saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax? Makes sense! Anyway, we start with two tracks from the 70ies from two great american jazz saxophonists. Rahsaan Roland Kirk modified saxophones and other wind instruments and played more than one at a time, also using the circular breathing technique. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIqLJmlQQNM. Then two more recent tracks. Ben Vice (from the band housewives) used only sounds from the tenor saxophone on his 2017 album Monuments. Also the only instruments on New History Warfare Vol.3 were saxophones recorded live with several microphones but without loops or overdubs played by colin stetson. Like Roland Kirk he also uses the circular breathing technique. And finally english post-punk band Blurt from their first studio album. Ted Milton is going crazy on the sax!

00:00_chico freeman_autumn in new york_from lp spirit sensitive_india navigation
04:07_rahsaan roland kirk_celestial bliss_from lp prepare thyself to deal with a miracle_atlantic
09:50_ben vince_trinity_from lp monuments_blank editions / negative days
18:28_colin stetson_hunted_from lp new history warfare vol. 3: to see more light_constellation
23:42_blurt_trees_from lp blurt_red flame

30’27“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover November Mix 2017

Motors, gear-wheels, sawblades, reels, rubber bands and electromechanics. That’s how this music was put together. Homemade robot musicians and bricolage mechanics. Pierre Bastien builts clunky Mecchano music machines and plays with them together magical Jazz. Stephen Cornford records the mechanics of walkmans and reel tape machines. Rie Nakajima let small motors play various objects. Mo Wolpert from Berliner Ring builds beautiful clockwork-like music machines and Strotter Inst. modifies Lenco turntables with rubber bands and builds musical installations. Jiflure records his suitcases with mbiras and percussions, played by motorised mechanics.

00:00_pierre bastien_tin unit_from lp blue as an orange_morphine
07:10_stephen cornford_untitled_from lp six tape machines_accidie
15:18_rie nakajima_06’51“_from lp four forms_consumer waste
20:25_berliner ring_unidentified airport_from ep bardo_meakusma
22:10_strotter inst._untitled_from lp schlepper_tollerort organisation
26:40_jiflure_extrait 2_from ep extraits_editions gravats

30’05“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Oktober Mix 2017

Cover Oktober Mix 2017

Sci-Fi-Dub from outer space Sure, makes sense. Delays used as time machines, repetitions as passages through time, ongoing future. The bass creates black holes and sucks everything in. The riddim keeps the spaceship moving and the dub sirens and laser beams are zapping in space. Dub is future, dub is science fiction.
Check out the record covers

00:00_scientist_jah love all aliens_from lp heavy metal dub_clock tower
02:51_captain ganja and the space patrol_planet play / laser games_from lp tradition_bokeh versions
06:39_prince jammy_war in the asteroid belt_from lp prince jammy destroys the invaders…_greensleeves
10:50_linval thompson_laser attack_from lp linval presents space invaders_greensleeves
14:26_scientist_time passage_from lp dub landing_dub Мир
17:00_spacemonkeyz versus gorillaz_soundcheck (gravity)_from lp laika come home_emi
20:07_prince far i_low gravity_from lp cry tuff dub encounter chapter 3_pressure sounds
24:11_african head charge_breeding space_from lp environmental studies_on-u sound
27:40_brenda ray_moonbeams_from lp d’ya hear me!: naffi years, 1979-83_em

30’05“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover September Mix 2017

Thisisisis oneoneoneone isisisis aboutututut repetitionsonsonsons…. Arpeggios a a a a egg egg egg egg os os os os…. Synth hangers and Guitar hackers guitguitguitguit arararar…. Rave patterns and dream steppers dredredredre amamamam stepstepstepstep

00:00_oneohtrix point never_boring angel_from lp r plus seven_warp
03:55_second woman_/_from lp s/w_spectrum spools
06:58_lorenzo senni_powerage xion4_from lp quantum jelly_editions mego
10:55_nobukazu takemura_cons (plant mix)_from single mimic robot_thrill jockey
16:30_oren ambarchi_hubris part 1_from lp hubris_editions mego

30’19“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover August Mix 2017

Cluster was the reduced version of the band Kluster. Without Conrad Schnitzler, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius started their duo in 1971. 40 years later, Roedelius even started Qluster with Onnen Bock. Moebius died in 2015, while Roedelius is still bizzy releasing lots of music in various constellations. Together with Michael Rother of Neu! They also formed Harmonia in 1974 and Harmonia 76 with Brian Eno in the late 90ies. Kluster and Cluster as well as some Qluster music are on the experimental side of Krautrock. Using mostly guitars, synthesizer and other electronics.

00:00_cluster_plas_from lp cluster II_lilith
05:40_harmonia_ohrwurm_from lp musik von harmonia_lilith
10:25_harmonia & eno ’76_trace_from lp track and traces reissue_grönland
11:25_roedelius_prinzregent_from lp selbstportrait_bureau b
16:50_dieter möbius_xenos_from ep nidomonex ep_more than human
23:00_qluster_live in schöneberg III, december 2010_from lp rufen_bureau b

29’50“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult