Cover September Mix 2018

As we are about to change the world climate and the water is rising, islands slowly start to disappear. Lieven Martens Moana recorded sounds on the Culatra Island in Portugal. Anthony Child took a Buchla Synthesizer to Maui, Hawaii. Gonçalo F. Cardoso recorded in the fields of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Then we have a steel band from Trinidad, Caribbean Islands. Chris Watson recorded the Humboldt Current around the Galapagos Islands. The last two tracks are recorded in Bali and Java (both Islands in Indonesia).

00:00_lieven martens moana – dolphins into the future_ilha da culatra_from cassette songs of gold, incandescent_edições cn
04_07_anthony child_the chief (reprise)_from lp electronic recordings from maui jungle vol. 1_editions mego
12:50_gonçalo f. cardoso_high tides and coral chants_from album impressões de uma ilha
16:45_gamelan gong sekar anjar and gendèr wajang quartet_pemungkah_from lp the exotic sounds of bali_columbia
20:16_chris watson_10m_from single oceanus pacificus_touch
23:10_steel-band de la trinidad_calypso jazz improvisation_from lp magie caraïbe_ex libris
28:19_unknown artist_ing ing_from lp street musicians of yogyakarta_mississippi

30’36“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover August Mix 2018

This one is about flutes, all kind of flutes. But don’t worry, i’m not a fan of panpipes. Flute magician Rahsaan Roland Kirk plays nose flute and classic flute simultaneously. The recording of Marshall Allen (on the flute) and Kash Killion from Sun Ra Arkestra was made in Poschiavo (CH) during the Uncool Festival in 2012. There are also recordings made in the Philippines, Madagascar, New-Guinea and at the end (Moondog) probably in the streets of New York City.

00:00_rahsaan roland kirk_seasons (one mind winter/summer)_from album prepare thyself to deal with a miracle_atlantic
01:00_anonymous npa soldier_nose flute_from album music from the mountain provinces_numerophon
05:10_maurice rasolonjatova_flute instrumental_from lp fanafody_mississippi
05:43_futuro antico_eco raga_from album dai primitivi all’elettronica_black sweat
09:13_marshall allen and kash killion_india reflections_from album two stars in the universe_little rocket
18:32_i.p.son group_flauti al circo_from album i.p.son group_black sweat
21:11_jogun and sabina_jarvan_from album sacred flute music from new guinea_ideologic organ / editions mego
30:31_moondog_a duet – queen elizabeth whistle and bamboo pipe_from album more moondog_honest jons

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Juli Mix 2018

This 30 minutes mix only contains two tracks. But both tracks are music, fieldrecordings, trips and movies together. Carlos Casas is a filmmaker, visual- and sound-artist. His recent record Pyramid Of Skulls is a cinematic audiotrip inspired by the common task (Fedorov) and uses fieldrecordings from the people of Pamir in Tajikistan. Sound artist Gilles Aubry takes us to Maroc on a journey through soundchecks and rehearsals of Amazigh music. Both tracks need to be played in full length (though the second track is only one half / one side of the record) to explore the story.

00:00_carlos casas_avesta__from lp pyramid of skulls_discrepant
13:50_gilles aubry_and who sees the mystery_from lp and who sees the mystery _corvo

30’06“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Juni Mix 2018

Cover Juni Mix 2018

Electronic Pop music from outer space, beautiful and fragile. Synth sounds melt with distant vocals. Heatsick and Bass Clef where teaming up for a very catchy song as HSBC. The Space Lady interprets David Bowie’s Space Oddity in a wonderful way. San Keller from space sings on a camping site to the synthesized sounds of Tom Huber.

00:00_hsbc_blaue stunde_from abcdlp
04:43_eye_pale eyes_knekelhuis
09:10_the space lady_major tom_from lp the space ladys’s greatest hits_night school
13:53_john bender_36a3_from lp i don’t remember now / i don’t want to talk about it_superior viaduct
17:46_tom huber / san keller_untitled_from lp fishing with san_spezialmaterial
20:58_kemper norton_sww anthem_from ep lowermoor ep_more than human
27:17_casiotone for the painfully alone_love connection_from lp etiquette_tomlab

30’15“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Mai Mix 2018

For me Rhythm&Sound was some heavy thing to discover. This massive produced Dub Minimalism was something i never heard before. Though this mix starts with a Rhythm&Sound track, it focusses more on some other monikers from Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald. Also all the labels they released their records where run by this duo.

00:00_rhythm & sound_distance_from single smile_rhythm & sound
04:33_cyrus_presence_from single inversion_basic channel
13:44_round five_na fe throw version_from single na fe throw_main street
19:33_maurizio_untitled_from single M7_maurizio
26:17_basic channel_q1.2_from single q.loop_basic channel

30’15“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Soultmonth 100

To celebrate the 100th soultmonth mix 10 DJs played a 30 minutes set in Oor Saloon: Boogaloo, Fred Hystère, Herr Wempe, Jordi Fresco, Letter To Yawn, molekühl, Na-Ah, Nitrate, Sianur and Soult. Here we have the first three of them. Soon more to come…

He brought his sweet, little 7inch recordcase full of wonderfull singles with music from around the world.

getachew mekura_antchi hoye
the heliocentrics_dance of the dogon
philip cohran and the artistic heritage ensemble_the new frankiphone blues
the paradise bangkok molam international band_pu tai dub (manasseh’s molam version)
the slits_man next door (version)
courtney alexander_galaxy ghetto
can_shikako maru ten
cyril cyril_sayyara

31’26“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Turbo mix including 20 tracks from Original Motion Soundtracks. Impossible to see his hands mixing those 20 tracks in 30 minutes!

hans j. salter_the lone rider_wichita town_citadel
markus fischer_reise nach bologna_kaiser und eine nacht_moment
stelvio cipriani_daria’s father (part 1)_un’ ombra nell’ ombra_four flies
silvano d’auria_sortilegio m16_sortilegio_four flies
francois roubaix_survol_l’antarctique_wémèrecords
patrick cowley_he’s like you_school daze_dark entries
walter carlos_timesteps_a clockwork orange_warner brothers
g. matteoni_les sylvidres_les héros de l’espace_charles talar records
hero wouters_voorstudie fiction_fiction_herophone records
alain goraguer_ten est assome_la planète sauvage_pathe marconi
fabio frizzi_verso l’alba_paura nella citta di morti viventi_stella
roberto donati_kettle of doom, cannibal ferrox_one way static
vangelis papathanassiou_générique_l’apocalypse des animaux_polydor
serge gainsbourg_cadavres en série_les sélections du cinéma de gainsbourg_smoke disques
alex menzies_disorder 1a_order & disorder_kathexis
john carpenter_orientation 2_escape from new york_varèse sarabande
másik jános & tibor szemző_komputerterem_meteo_budapest film
george duining_wail for a village_the devil at 4 o’clock_colpix
terry riley_mice_le secret de la vie_philips
eleni karaindrou_fairytale_music for films_ecm

29’49“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Deep, dark and noisy trip with a dramatic finale.

0:00:00_ian martin_untitled_panzerkreuz 1016
0:05:30_dionysian_f_börft records & ideal recordings
0:10:00_sleeparchive_lbb 2_sleeparchive
0:10:55_the sprawl_haptic feedback_the death of rave
0:14:30_adriano zanni_black_boring machines
0:18:08_yaleesa hall_0508_will & ink
00:22:10_rian treanor_damage b1_the death of rave
00:27:40_morphosis_finale_honest jon’s records

32’18“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Drum-only mix! Percussion madness for deep listening.

00:00_art blakey_amuck
06:45_eli keszler_is strategist
08:38_christian wolfahrt_cabin no 9
12:30_jaleh negari_gong
16:28_joao lobo_zè
17:55_drums of chaos_turn of the blue
23:05_peter conradin zumthor_grünschall

29’54“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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This mix takes us to quite some places, historys, worlds.

38’07“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Outerworldly beauty meets esoteric enchantments. Instantly bewitched.

nikolaienko_solo for a_from lp the sound of pseudoscience
tod dockstader_water musik_from lp drone / water music / two fragments from apocalypse
synth sisters_25 september_from lp aube
michele mercure_proteus and the marlin_from lp eye chant
sam mcloughlin_henbane_from lp the folklore of plants vol. i
pauline anna strom_the unveiling_from lp trans-millenia music
andréa daltro_kiuá_from lp outro tempo: electronic and cotemporary music from brazil 1978 – 1992
ceramic ti / ipek gorgun_we were big they were small, we used to be crucial_from lp perfect lung
phantom horse_als ob_from lp als ob
german army_abuna_from lp disquiet. original soundtrack from the dystopian classic. a russian american co-production
old komm_the freak from algier_from lp disquiet. original soundtrack from the dystopian classic. a russian american co-production

36’00“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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A jump in the disc in the disc in the disc. Tracks who seams to skip or who are actual skipping.

00:00_robert aiki aubrey lowe & ariel kalma_auslaufrille seite b
00:18_marc borel verzellt uf mundart_däumelinchen
01:16_vladislav delay_luotasi
04:09_shackleton_music for the quiet hour part three
06:16_rechenzentrum_nelson reshoot
09:46_le matin_gone ego
12:43_oneohtrix point never_sleep dealer
15:42_jan jelinek_lithiummelodie 1
21:00_sad rockets_it’s not a crime, but I’m guilty
23:22_everest magma_maigam aleer
27:50_robert aiki aubrey lowe & ariel kalma_auslaufrille seite a

29’33“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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20 sonic tracks melted to one heavy drop.

hannah black_good to eachother
jocy de olivera_estória iv_blume
lucy railton_for j.r._modern love
hannah black/chino amobi_submitting to an identity
lucy railton_pinnevik_modern love
svarte greiner_separate_miasmah
art ensemble of chicago_folkus_ecm
ben vince_tower of cells (feat. valentina magaletti & cam deas)_where to now?
drums of chaos_on circles_nonplace
drums of chaos_antidote_nonplace
narwal_no title_ongehoord
ursula k. le guin & todd barton_long singing_rvng intl.
do normaal_buckle
phew_white lounge, so bright_mesh-key records
zov zov_buried_berceuse heroique
pan daijing_practice of hygiene_pan
serpentwithfeet_four ethers cut_triangle
julius eastman_those who hear can hear

30’29“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Noisey depth > ___ < Deep Noise ~* heavy listening

39’05“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Cover April Mix 2018

For the 100th soultmonth mix i scratched together records and a cassette with the catalogue number 100. that’s it. we have: MEX100, DR-100, NIT100, STEAM 100, dsr100, OPAL100, VER100, SHADOW 100. The mix was recorded live in OOR Saloon. What a wonderful afternoon at Oor!Thanks to Boogaloo, Fred Hystère, Herr Wempe, Jordi Fresco, Letter To Yawn, molekühl, Na-Ah, Nitrate, Sianur. Soon i will upload the other mixes. Stay tuned…

00:00_tamaryn / ford & lopatin_flying dream_from single snakes / flying dream_mexican summer
03:16_spiracle_exusia_from single evestrum / exusia_drone
09:11_tim exile_there’s nothing left of me but her and this_from single the fifth paper_noodles institute of technology
10:38_depth charge_bastard swordsmen_from lp nine deadly venoms_vinyl solution
11:51_ike yard _cherish 8 (vessel remix)_from ep remixes #3_desire
16:08_basic house_i could tell you but then you would have to be destroyed by me_from cassette i could tell you but then you would have to be destroyed by me_opal tapes
25:25_john cravache_cités nomades_from lp cités nomades_versatile
29:40_dom & rob_distorded dreams_from single shadow 100_moving shadow

31’16“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Soultmonth 100

Soultmonth 100 Flyer

After more than 8 years we are ready for Soultmonth number 100. At 1st of april the 100th collage from Lukas Zimmermann and the 100th mix from Soult will be published here. At 31st March we will celebrate this at Oor Saloon Zürich. Soultmonth mix number 100 will be recorded there live and 9 other DJs will also play 30minutes mixes. There will be an exhebition with all the 100 original collages, a special drink, cakes and of course a lot of good music. Come by! From 12.00-17.00.

Fred Hystère
Herr Wempe
Jordi Fresco
Letter To Yawn


März Mix 2018

Cover März Mix 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… There are many good reasons to cry out loud. Here we have some. Suicide’s Alan Vega screams about desperate Frankie, who ends his and his family’s life. Abbey Lincoln gets loud in the second part of Max Roach’s Triptych (Prayer / Protest / Peace). And at the end, the best screamer of all times „Screamin‘ Jay Hawkins“ shout out his spell.

00:00_suicide_frankie teardrop_from lp suicide_superior viaduct
06:25_senyawa_sisa_from lp agaraki_!angrr!
08:20_matana roberts_i am_from lp coin coin chapter one_constellation
13:08_max roack_triptych_from lp we insist!_cornbread
20:56_art ensemble of chicago_old time religion_from lp message to our folks_byg
28:10_screamin‘ jay hawkins_i put a spell on you_from single stranger than paradise_crammed discs

30’37“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik


Cover Februar Mix 2018

All the tracks are by Japanese born musicians in the fields of electronic and electroacoustic music. But actually only the three women from Nisennenmondai still live in Japan. All the others moved to Europe. Berlin, Paris and London.

00:00_tomoko sauvage_amniotic life (1)_from lp ombrophilia_aposiopèse
02:27_nisennenmondai_#6_from single #6_on-u sound
08:58_group a_suffocated_from lp 70 + a =_mecanica
13:54_rie nakajima_08’02″_from lp four forms_consumer waste
16:55_iku sakan_irradiation loops_from lp prism in us all_japan blues
27:45_kyoka_romoone_from ep ish_raster-noton

30’15“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik