Cover Januar Mix 2017

Those thin flexible, often square soundsheets called Flexi Discs startet to appear in the eary 1960ies as audio content of books or magazines or as promotional greetings sent by post. Still today, you can find them sometimes in magazines as the recent zweikommasieben Magazin or as a regular insert in Parking Lot. But there are also some labels dedicated to the Flexi Disc, like the Swiss label Flexi Disko. Smugglers Way is a compilation including 5 coulourful Flexi Discs and a 7″ magazine. The sound quality of the Flexis often is not very high and the playback is sometimes quite difficult, but it’s pretty cheap to produce. And, yeah, it’s big fun to play them…

00:00_cass mccombs_teachers_from compilation smugglers way_domino
04:19_incarnate_decay (eternal opuscule #100)_from single decay_post contemporary
08:12_feldermelder_the sound of harmony_from single the sound of harmony_-ous
12:38_harald (sack) ziegler_wir leiden mit ihm (jan st. werner mix)_from single klingende post_marginal talent
15:45_cm von hausswolff_for electric guitar (broken amplifier version)_from single plays john cage II_ideal
19:20_boaz_white block_from single white block_flexi disco
21:46_the pitch_thaw_from single thaw_parking lot
25:37_carlos giffoni_little mornings_from single little mornings_key lime high

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Fanzine 2016

Fanzine 2016

One more year here at Soultmonth. This was year number 7, 84 mixes and collages so far.

And like every year, we printed this years 12 pictures from Marsplastik, folded and stapled it together to a colourful A5 fanzine. And, now hold on! We found some lost zines. It’s the tracklist number 2, wich shows all the 284 tracks mixed here in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. So be quick and get this special-double-pack! And big thanks for listening and watching!

To order the double-zine please write me a mail. It’s chf 10.- (incl postage to switzerland)
mail: soult*at*mk2.ch


Cover Dezember 2016 Mix

Marc Matter (Voiceover), Flo Meyer (Don’t DJ) and Stefan Schwander (Harmonious Thelonious) started the trio Durian Brothers in 2009 and first released a series of 3 EPs on their own Diskant label. Now, half a year ago, they anounced a indefinite hiatus. So let’s see back with this mix to the Durian Brothers Polyrhythmics, to some solo-projects of all three and some collaborations. Flo and Marc where also involved in the group Institut For Feinmotorik. The accoustic art project started their „researches“ in 1997 with manipulated turntables and different materials. The first track in this mix was released 1998 on a compilation by the zurich based Maika Records and the second track also by a Zurich label, 2004 on Steinbrüchel’s Synchron label. Swimmingpool where Stefan Schwander and Michael Scheibenreiter who released music between 2001 and 2006.

00:00_institut für feinmotorik_geschleife 1_from lp maika 002_maika
02:50_marc matter aka voiceover_breakthrough_from cassette nervous breakthrough_tanuki
06:42_institut für feinmotorik_akoasma_from single akoasma_synchron
08:58_durian brothers_planete sauvage_from ep clubs ep_diskant
11:59_don’t dj_disparata_from lp musique acéphale_berceuse heroique
15:28_durian brothers_die eisheiligen_from lp das macht modern_kontra-musik
18:25_don’t dj_southeast subterrane_from ep authentic exoticism_sexes
22:53_swimming pool_left version_from single swimmingpool_combination
26:06_harmonious thelonious_abstract painting 104-105_7#02_from lp schleissen 1_emotional response

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Cover November 2016 Mix

The ladies in the drones. Floating Ambient Electronics from 6 women. Suzanne Ciani, who begann performing with analog Synthesizers in the 70ies teamed up with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith who both use the Buchla Synth. Sarah Davachi plays huge analog modular synths. Rachel Evans released a lot self-released CDrs as well as cassettes and LPs on different labels under her moniker Motion Sickness Of Timetravel. Nautilus is the solo project of Heidi Diehl who played in the band The Vanishing Voice and Time Life.

00:00_motion sickness of time travel_censer_from lp crystal anniversary_aguirre
03:27_klara lewis_once_from lp too_editions mego
07:47_sarah davachi_tiergarten_from lp barons court_students of decay
13:56_nautilus_tatiana_from cassette blaster vision_nna tapes
23:00_kaitlyn aurelia smith & suzanne ciani_closed circuit_from lp sunergy_rvng intl

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Cover Oktober 2016 Mix

Still hanging in the wave. Post-Wave, this time not 80ies, it’s all 2012-2014, quite recent. The mood quite dark and melancholic. Belgian duo Orphan Swords released their powerful first vinyl EP on the french Desire label, who also released a series of 3 Ike Yard remix EPs, as well as the re-release of their debut LP (from wich i played one in the last mix).

00:00_vex ruffin_living for the future_from lp vex ruffin_stones throw
03:13_ike yard_half a god (tropic of cancer remix)_from single half a god/cherish 8 remixes_desire
05:56_orphan swords_leraikha_from ep risk in a new age_desire
11:14_lussuria_venus in retrograde_from lp industriale illuminato_hospital productions
15:15_disappears_new house_from lp era_kranky
21:32_anika_he hit me_from ep anika ep_invada/stones throw
23:36_fabulous diamonds_inverted/vamp_from lp commercial music_chapter music

31’09“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Cover September 2016 Mix

The beginning of the 80’s, dark future waves, industrial melancholia, pop distopia, post-something. All tracks where released between 1980 and 1982, except T.V.O.D. (the first release on Mute Records) in ’78 and the track from Belgian Kaa Antilope made in ’88. Tschik-Mo from Swiss girl band Liliput (Ex-Kleenex) is unusual reduced and less power-pop than most of their other tracks. Reponds Moi from the french synth-pop duo Mathematiques Modernes sounds more like a chansons than the post-synth-punk tracks of their only LP released in 1981. Kind of a wave from the past…

00:00_ike yard_ncr_from lp ike yard_desire
05:09_kaa antilope-rise up helicopter: like a bird_from lp belgian wave & pop songs from the 1980’s_popwave
08:48_the normal_t.v.o.d._from single warm leatherette/t.v.o.d_mute
10:30_das ding_kindheitsmuster_from cassette das ding/les yeux interdits_tear apart tapes
13:54_der plan_adrenalin lässt das blut kochen_from lp geri reig_medical
16:55_joy division_atrocity exhibition_from lp closer_factory
22:55_liliput_tschik-mo_from lp 1977 1983_mississippi
26:25_mathematiques modernes_reponds moi_from single paris tokio/reponds moi_celluloid

30’00“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Cover August 2016 Mix

Sometimes while listening to music, birdsong is coming into my room through the open window and mixes up with the music. But sometimes the birds are in the vinyl grooves, recorded by the musicians in the fields and forests out there. Some of these tracks here are pure bird field recordings, like the first one taken from a birds-only records, the last short track recorded in malaysia, the piece by the french band Point Invisible and the recording from Lieven Martens Moana aka Dolphins Into The Futures. The other tracks used birds as sound sources. Arthur Lyman and John Kramer imitated bird sounds on their lps from 50s and 60s or used bird recordings. tschirp tschirp…

00:00_vogelstimmen_nachtigall_from lp vögel unserer heimat_ariola
01:11_gonçalo f. cardoso_the life and death of a 21st century drone machine_from lp a study into 21st century drone acoustics_discrepant
07:20_point invisible_bob saidfrom single point invisible 10″_magia roja
08:19_clipping_dream_from lp clppng_sub pop
12:40_kassel jaeger_fernweh I_from lp fernweh_senufo editions
21:22_lieven martens moana_the bird sings (variations)_from cassette os canais_edições cb
24:01_andrew pekler with the silhouette strings & chorus_music to sleep walk by_from lp sentimental favourites_dekorder
28:13_arthur lyman_beautiful kahana_from lp taboo vol. 2_hifi
30:33_jesse paul miller_bird park, butterworth, malaysia_from lp a distant invitation_sublime frequencies

30’57“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Cover Juli 2016 Mix

Untitled tracks are somehow mysterious, missing the short story of the track name. No more explanations needed. Sans titres.

00:00_gabriel saloman_untitled_from lp adhere_miasmah
02:49_innercity_untitled 5_from lp future life_aguirre
06:47_patricia bosshard and simon grab_untitled_from lp mri_everest
09:17_klara lewis_untitled_from lp ett_editions mego
14:57_Σ_untitled_from lp schleifen_summe produktion
18:36_bellows_untitled_from lp rustl_boomkat editions
20:30_zeno van den broek_untitled_from lp divergence_moving furniture
24:00_dat politics_untitled_from ep split series #9_fat cat
26:34_zeno van den broek_untitled_from lp divergence_moving furniture
29:20_unknown artist_untitled_from lp dual form_leaving/stones throw

31’11“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Cover Juni 2016 Mix

It’a an endless thing, the loop, in the best case nobody stops it. Andrew Pekler puts together a lot of wonderful loops, layering, more and more. Dustin Wong loops his guitar play. p0m and Dead Eight combine cassette- and computer-loops, Sesiones Periférico was recorded in Mexico City and is going to be released on the cassette-label Innernoise on June 9th at RaumΩStation in Zürich (with a concert of Dead Eight). Durian Brothers and Strotter Inst. work with modified turntables and records. Francisco López collected end grooved of vintage 78 records and created this track with the loops. Some call it beautiful repetitions.

00:00_andrew pekler_floating tone_from lp cue_muscut
07:57_dustin wong_untitled_from lp infinite love_thrill jockey
10:39_p0m & dead eight_0024 exc_from cassette sesiones periférico_innernoise
14:03_durian brothers_hamigokakiko_from ep clubs ep_diskant
20:31_strotter inst._untitled_from lp schlepper_tollerort organisation
28:21_francisco lópez-untitled #205 (mix)_from ep untitled #205_auf abwegen

30’44“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult


Mai Mix 2016

Cover Mai 2016 Mix

All this music was re-released on vinyl in recent years. All music (except the Mind Over Mirrors track, wich was originally released on Gift Tapes in 2011) was recorded in the 80’s and released on cassette, though the Gagarin Kombinaatti album (recorded on cassette between 1983 and 1985) was never released. But now, more than 30 years later the album from Janne Koski, Tapio Onnela, Wici Wikström and Mika Vainio was released on double-vinyl by finnish label PUU. The Welttraumforscher Album Die Singende Sternlaterne was released in small number on it’s own Moniflabel, wich released selfmade cassettes since the early 80’s. The Muslimgauze track was originally released on the cassette compilation The Last Supper in 1984. The Breadwoman Album was released 1985, the Charles Cohen Album in ’88, the K. Leimer track in ’79.
Thanks Fred for the shiny idea for this mix and for borrowing the record and for selling all these great records!

00:00_k. leimer feat. nancy estle_porcelain_from lp a period of review_rvng intl.
02:03_welttraumforscher_fliegeleicht_from lp die singende sternlaterne_planam/a tree in a field
05:14_muslimgauze_trans/time_from lp kabul_vinyl on demand
08:18_gagarin kominaatti_polvella_from lp 83-85_puu
11:07_charles cohen_duo’s/solo’s_from lp music for dance and theater_morphine
19:38_mind over mirrors_harmattan morning_from lp high & upon_aguirre
27:04_anna homler and steve moshier_gu she‘ na‘ di_from lp breadwoman and other tales_rvng intl.

32’02“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult