Cover März Mix 2017

This is kind of a visual mix. Only picture discs. Often their artwork is quite awful, but there are some exceptions and some beautiful ideas. Sculpture makes picture discs with tiny film loops on it. You can film the record while playing and see different small animated pictures. That’s magic. Using telepathic communication Kohei Matsunaga, Lucretia Dalt, Laurel Halo, Rashad Becker, Julia Holter, Charlotte Collin and Grégoire Simon created mysterious layers of sound. They individualy recorded sounds and drew pictures and layered all together. The picture was printed directly on the record. There is a small series of 7inches with pictures from american photographer and artist David Horvitz printed on it (like the Lucky Dragon one). See ‚em here…

00:00_lord kesseli and the drum_arnold_from lp lord kesseli and the drums_ikarus
05:28_preslav literary school_alamut_from lp grün wie milch / alamut_corvo
10:23_lucky dragons_music for no reason_from single a david horvitz picture disc_aagoo
14:04_sculpture_pusher mechanismus_from lp rotary signal emitter_dekorder
17:50_terepa_28th october 2014_from lp terepa_other people
21:30_jealousy mountain duo_nordic walking_from single šnops = šnops / nordic walking_tremor panda
24:54_terepa_8th august 2014_from lp terepa_other people
26:44_goldfrapp_little bird (animal collective remix)_from single caravan girl_mute

29’58“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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  1. Thanks for the PicDisc-Covers! just wanted to ask for them as i listened to the mix!

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