Desert music in a nomad style. Mostly traditional chants and the often used, not so traditional electric guitar melts to this psychedelic, sandy blues. But the mix is starting with a hyptnotic Isswat Song from northern Mali desert. Without guitars but with a background-voice drone by men and melodic singing by a women, claps and drums. Then desert-rock pioneers Tinariwen, who succeeded in America and Europe. Like Tinariwen, Tamikrest are singing in Tamaschek. Then an instumental track by Ajial M’Hamid from a desert village in southern Maroc. It’s all music from the Sahel zone, from countrys like Mali, Mauretania, Maroc and Niger. Since years some Tuareg bands are touring the world, not all of them only at their own will. In Mali islamic extremists have banned music and sent musicians and a lot of people in exile.

00:00_fadimou wallet inamoud_ahaylalou_from lp folk music of the sahel vol. 1_sublime frequencies
04:02_tinariwen_imidiwaren_from lp the radio tisdas sessions_modern classics
10:17_tamikrest_assikal_from lp chatma_glitterbeat
14:44_ajial m’hamid_labiad (danse)_from cd dounia_no label
17:58_noura mint seymali_tzenni_from lp tzenni_glitterbeat
23:03_koudede_taghlamt (caravan)_from ep guitars from agadez vol. 7_sublime frequencies
26:25_amanar_majrad ajen_from lp ishalan n-tenere_mississippi/sahel sounds

31’43“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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