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Juni Mix 2011 was a label special from Brighton based label FatCat Records. Now again, only FatCat records, but more specific. In 1997 they started a series of 24 releases called Split Series, each 12″ presents 2 music acts, one on each side. First they where quite active, released for example 4 records in 1999. Then it went a bit more lazy, no records in 2006 and 2007, the last one was in 2014 (number 23). So, only one more to go. I’m not so much a collector in terms of records, but this series i had to collect all. And since a long time i was thinking about doing this mix when the last record is released. But some weeks ago i asked FatCat about this last one and they wrote „Unsure of a release date for #24 as yet“. Well, now i couldn’t wait, and anyway 24 records would be too much for a 30 minutes mix. So i picked 10 records between the first and the for now last Split records and mixed it together in a more or less chronological order. Oh, and also the covers are very nice. Every record sleeve has handmade holes in it, each catalogue number one more. Only one hole is missing… https://www.discogs.com/label/376393-Fat-Cat-Split-Series

00:00_v/vm_will travel, north west_from split series #1_fat cat
02:30_foehn_shrouded_from split series #2_fat cat
04:30_team doyobi_pidgeon man_from split series #7_fat cat
06:10_dat politics_et hop_from split series #9_fat cat
08:35_ultra-red_a17_from split series #14_fat cat
12:10_sunroof!_extinction fantasy_from split series #19_fat cat
16:42_motion_motor function error_from split series #11_fat cat
20:00_alejandra & aeron_kitchen_from split series #13_fat cat
21:52_alog_every word was once an animal_from split series #20_fat cat
25:13_katie gateley_pivot_from split series #23_fat cat

31’56“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik

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