November Mix 2014

Again cassettes, again a lot of background noise, but more guitars involved tan in the last one. Drones and Screamo or Punk or Math Rock are changing and leading to a Doom Country, sad happy end. The compilation tape „Play Songs From Zürich“ contains the last recordings from The Rabbit Theory with Nino – scream on! Doom Grass is taken from the debut-tape of Zurichs Anaheim. Soon to come their debut-vinyl, yehyeh.

00:00_rorcal_I_from cassette vilagvege_wolves & vibrancy/cal of ror
04:29_the rabbit theory_helen_from cassette play songs from zürich_crystal barrel
07:15_saaad_lure of conquests_from cassette orbs & channels_hands in the dark
12:55_frau_trouble_from cassette demo_tuff enuff
14:00_lee noble_straight black_from cassette persona_bridgetown
18:14_lem phago_as hell_from cassette the rabbit theory/lem phago_crystal barrel
20:50_black sky chant_67 km of capricorn_from cassette i’ll sleep until i see the moon_aguirre
26:34_anaheim_doom grass_from cassette gone west_no label

30’25“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

Soultmonth – 2014 November MixSoultmonth Mixcloud

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Mixed by Soult

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