Cover Oktober Mix 2019

This mix starts and ends with chanting by María Sabina in the Mazatec language, wich is spoken by indigene people in Mexico. It was recorded 1955 during mushroom rites. This is the frame and the only „original“ recording of a ritual mix. The other tracks are more recent interpretations of rites or use recordings of rituals. Cat-Man-Do by H.U.M. uses Heloise’s recordings of a shamanic initiation in the Colombian jungle. Virtual Forest is using different ritual music recordings wich are woven into psychedelic drones. The song about a ritual union called „marriage“ by Little Dragon is accompanied and followed by White Stains. Their 3 hours opus „The Work Workings“ wich was recorded 1989/1990 was a process of exploration of ritual.

00:00_maría sabina_chjon nka_from lp mushroom ceremony of the mazatec indians of mexico_death is not the end
02:00_bare bones lay low_jewelled selva male rites_from lp hacia la luz_no label
05:15_virtual forest_the angel of the abyss and the door through the underworld_from lp ritual machine music_yerevan tapes from lp ritual machine music
12:18_h.u.m._cat-man-do_from lp trinity way_rocket
17:17_little dragon_ritual union_from lp ritual union_peacefrog
20:44_white stains_untitled_from cassette the work workings_ideal
30:07_maría sabina_chjon nka_from lp mushroom ceremony of the mazatec indians of mexico_ death is not the end

30’44“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik

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