Oktober Mix 2017

Cover Oktober Mix 2017

Sci-Fi-Dub from outer space Sure, makes sense. Delays used as time machines, repetitions as passages through time, ongoing future. The bass creates black holes and sucks everything in. The riddim keeps the spaceship moving and the dub sirens and laser beams are zapping in space. Dub is future, dub is science fiction.
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00:00_scientist_jah love all aliens_from lp heavy metal dub_clock tower
02:51_captain ganja and the space patrol_planet play / laser games_from lp tradition_bokeh versions
06:39_prince jammy_war in the asteroid belt_from lp prince jammy destroys the invaders…_greensleeves
10:50_linval thompson_laser attack_from lp linval presents space invaders_greensleeves
14:26_scientist_time passage_from lp dub landing_dub Мир
17:00_spacemonkeyz versus gorillaz_soundcheck (gravity)_from lp laika come home_emi
20:07_prince far i_low gravity_from lp cry tuff dub encounter chapter 3_pressure sounds
24:11_african head charge_breeding space_from lp environmental studies_on-u sound
27:40_brenda ray_moonbeams_from lp d’ya hear me!: naffi years, 1979-83_em

30’05“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mix by Soult
Cover by Marsplastik

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