Ritual electronic music with African influences. Makes sense. Repetitions, hypnotic grooves, flow in trance. Geographically we only at the end arrive in eastern Africa where the akembe tribe from Kenya sings a musical goodbye.

00:00_the durian brothers_planete sauvage_from ep clubs ep_diskant
05:45_different fountains_muybridge_from single muybridge_different fountains
11:01_rhythm&sound-let we go (villalobos remix)_from single see mi yah (remixes1)_burial mix
21:10_peverelist_meets tshetsha boys_from single meet tshetsha boys_honest jon’s
25:23_mark ernestus vs. konono n1_masikulu dub_from single masikulu dub_congotronics
29:20_akamba tribe_akamba music_from lp tribal music from east africa vol.1_cms

30’46“ _ mp3 320kBit/s

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Mixed by Soult

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